Integra Insurance Brokers – Quality Policy

Integra Insurance Brokers is an Australian owned, licensed General Insurance Broker based in Western Australia. We are committed to providing quality advice, expertise and dealing in products backed by an efficient and friendly service to all our customers to satisfy their Insurance needs.

Integra personnel will endeavour to ensure that:

  • Customers needs are satisfied
  • Product and advice quality is consistent
  • Quality products and services are delivered on time, every time
  • All communications are clear and effective
  • All staff participate in continuous improvement
  • Decisions are based wherever possible on facts and data

Quality Assurance

The Managing Directors ensure that the quality system is continually maintained, reviewed and communicated to all Staff.

Mission Statement

Integra Insurance Brokers are a Service Provider committed to adding value to our Clients purchase of Insurance. 

We strive for excellence in the area of service and expertise in our field. 

We strive to offer a fulfilling environment for all Staff and an acceptable return to our Shareholders.