Intergra Insurance Broker Services

Integra Insurance Brokers will provide you with the following services:

 We will

  • Gain an understanding of the risks, philosophy and needs of your business
  • Provide insurance advice
  • Assess business risks in terms of frequency and severity
  • Find ways to reduce those risks
  • Conduct an aggressive marketing programme of your insurances with insurers
  • Help select appropriate insurers and negotiate very competitive premiums
  • Demonstrate the significant effect that risk management and prevention programs have on minimising premium costs
  • Advise on occupational health and safety and rehabilitation and the implementation of best practice injury management systems
  • Check policies and premium calculations
  • Review your requirements with you on renewal. This will include any changes in your business, changes in limits, alternative covers etc
  • Conduct an aggressive renewal procedure with insurers including remarketing & renegotiating renewal terms
  • Negotiate flexible premium payment options
  • Evaluate contracts & tenders & their effect on your insurances
  • Keep business informed of insurance legislative changes
  • Provide business with up-to-date knowledge on insurance market trends
  • Provide effective claim management
  • Advise business about injury management procedures, plans and progress
  • Assist with claims recovery
  • Assist business to complete and review all claim forms
  • Help to achieve prompt settlement of claims with insurers


Contact Us

To find out more about Integra’s services please give us a call on (08) 9535 5211, or email

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Mission Statement

Integra Insurance Brokers are a Service Provider committed to adding value to our Clients purchase of Insurance. 

We strive for excellence in the area of service and expertise in our field. 

We strive to offer a fulfilling environment for all Staff and an acceptable return to our Shareholders.