About Integra Insurance Brokers

Integra Insurance Brokers are licensed qualified Insurance Brokers.
With our in-depth knowledge of the insurance market we provide professional advice on identifying risks and exposures.

We evaluate your insurance requirements, whether it be Business, Industrial, Commercial, Liability, Workers Compensation or even Domestic Insurance and source policies that are customized for your needs. We can advise on how to make the best of your Insurance budget. With National buying power we have access across a broad range of insurance products and cost effective solutions.

We provide pro-active claims management services and will be involved throughout the entire claims process to ensure smooth progress, whilst maximizing the claim to your benefit.

Company History

Integra Insurance Brokers have evolved from Mandurah Insurance Services which was formed in the early 1980’s, becoming Mandurah Insurance Brokers in 1989 and then in 2005 we changed our trading name to Integra Insurance Brokers due to continued growth of the business and geographical reach.

Links and Associations

Integra Insurance Brokers are a member of both Steadfast and NIBA

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